Welcome To My Journey! Big Things Can Come To Those Who Dream!

A Passionate Children’s Book Author and Physician

Welcome To My Journey! Big Things Can Come To Those Who Dream!

A Passionate Children’s Book Author and Physician

Inspiring Tales and Other Stories for Kids

The Little Doctor/El Doctorcito

The Little Doctor/El Doctorcito is a wonderful story about how my journey to become a doctor began. Do you have an “Impossible Dream”? Let me share my dream and the ups and downs of getting there. I hope it will help you on your journey. Throughout my education trajectory, I journaled my experiences. I suppose the influence of college professors impressed on me the power of writing and reflection. The result? A swirl of culture, family, education, and persistence to succeed—themes all at play as I traversed the American educational system. And they all blend in as you read The Little Doctor/El Doctorcito. If I knew then what I know now…

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About the Author

My day job keeps me quite busy, but my passion to share stories that will help others reach their own dreams keeps me typing away on my laptop.

I love engaging and motivating students to embrace learning as a foundation to achieve their dreams.

Working with organizations and contributing to programs such as the Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA), the Kaiser Permanente—UCSF Undergraduate Research Internship (URI), and the Kaiser Permanente Introduction to Integrated Health Care Program (IIHC), has allowed me the opportunity to assist premed and medical students overcome the inevitable obstacles on the road to becoming a physician.

And please let me know what you think of The Little Doctor/El Doctorcito by writing an online review.

"Inspired by his own experiences as a young boy helping his Salvadoran grandmother navigate the US health care system, Juan J. Guerra’s insightful, bilingual account highlights the need for culturally sensitive medical practitioners in The Little Doctor/El Doctorcito. Notes of despair and hope shine through in the strikingly animated artwork from Victoria Castillo."

— Foreword Reviews

"Castillo’s background as a comic artist is successfully expressed in the characters’ exaggerated expressions and in her predominantly red and orange color scheme.”

— Kirkus Reviews

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